Friday night Shabbat services start 7:30 PM                    followed by an Oneg                                                      Saturday services start 10:30 AM

Services held at Temple Shalom                                     162 Waccamaw Medical Park Dr. Conway,SC                843-903-6634843-903-6634              


Temple Rabbi David Weissman Temple President Lily Ann Revitch

This year, High Holiday services will be held as follows:

Yom Kippur Eve - Fri., Oct. 3, at 7:30 P.M.
Yom Kippur Morning - Sat., Oct. 4, at 10:30 A.M.
Yom Kippur Afternoon - Sat., Oct. 4, at 4:30 P.M.


Those of you visiting the Grand Strand during the holidays wishing to attend services are welcome. For more information click Contact Us to send an email.   For directions click Location.


Rabbi David Weissman

The Jewish holiday season doesn't end after Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
     Sukkot, which begins on the fifteenth day of Tishrei, is only five days after Yom Kippur.  Sukkot is a seven day holiday ordained in the Torah, which is celebrated for two reasons.  It commemorates the forty years the Israelites spent wandering in the Sinai wilderness after their liberation from Egyptian slavery.  During this forty year period, they lived in temporary dwellings called
sukkot (plural of sukkah).  It is also celebrated as a harvest festival  on which we are grateful to God for providing us with food to sustain us.  The Pilgrims were avid readers of the Bible and they patterned the American holiday of Thanksgiving after  Sukkot.
     Then immediately following the last day of
Sukkot, in the Reform movement we celebrate the combined holiday of Sh'mini Atzeret-Simchat Torah, on which Yizkor memorial prayers for departed loved ones are recited  and we also  complete the annual Torah reading cycle by giving every congregant an opportunity to dance around the sanctuary with a Torah.
     Our Sukkot service will begin at 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday evening, October 8.  Following the service, congregants will have an opportunity to visit the temple's sukkah and because Sukkot is celebrated as a harvest festival, there will be a
HARVEST DESSERT BONANZA.  Congregants are asked to volunteer to bring fruit and vegetable products - symbols of the harvest - for consumption by those in attendance.  You don't have to let me know in advance what you plan to bring, but the following are some possibilities -- vegetable platter, potato dishes (knishes), fresh fruit, fruit pie, nuts, bean dishes, etc.
     Our Sh'mini Atzeret-Simchat Torah service will be held at 7:30 P.M.  on Wednesday evening, October 15, and will include Yizkor as well as the completion of the annual Torah reading cycle  with a lot of singing and marching around the sanctuary with our Torahs.  According to tradition, there are only two times a year when it is permissible for a Jewish person to get a little tipsy.  One of these occasions is on the holiday of Purim and the other is on Simchat Torah.  So following the service on Wednesday evening, October 15, there will be a
WINE AND CHEESE CELEBRATION.  You don't have to let me know what you intend to bring, but we are asking members of the congregation to bring either wine, cheese or crackers for consumption by those in attendance.
     I invite you to join the festivities and attend our celebration of both of these holidays.
Chag sameach.  Happy holiday.

Rabbi David Weissman 


President Lily Ann Revitch

  The High Holidays have a great significant meaning this year. It is our 10th Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Celebration. Our first High Holiday service was held in 2005 at the Church of the Nazarene on 4th Avenue in Myrtle Beach. Rabbi James Apple of Wilmington, North Carolina officiated at the service. We were so proud of the congregation as we had only come together to form this congregation that June. There was very little time to plan. Sandy Lempert , Ze'ev Revitch & myself, with the help of Rabbi Apple planned the service . We had books donated by the synagogues in Wilmington, NC & Florence, SC. We borrowed a Torah and an Arc. We called ourselves TEMPLE SHALOM . 

Now we are looking forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary, in our own building through the generous help of our founding member Ze'ev Revitch, our benefactor. We also are truly thankful to Eva Katz who remembered us in her will and left us a bequest. I am sure if Eva was still with us she would remind us that nothing can be done by one person alone. Even as we pray we know we must have a minyan , (being 10 people) . So I ask each of you this holiday season, the beginning of the next chapter in our congregational life, to be generous, stand up and be counted among those that help financially to create our new Temple.

I take this opportunity once more to wish each of you a healthy  and happy new year

Lily Ann Revitch