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Temple Rabbi David Weissman Temple President Lily Ann Revitch


.Rabbi David Weissman

There are many mitzvot (commandments) in the Bible which are conditional.  They require a particular circumstance to perform.  Thus, in Exodus 23.4, we are told, "IF you find your enemy's ox or donkey wandering, you must take it back to him."  Leviticus 19.9 states, "WHEN you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap all the way to the edges of your field...."  In Deuteronomy 22.8, we are told, "WHEN you build a new house, you shall make a parapet for your roof...."
     However, there is a positive commandment in the Bible which does not require a particular set of circumstances.  We are instructed to be mindful of this commandment at all times.  Psalm 34.15 instructs us to "seek peace and pursue it."
     What does it mean to "seek peace and pursue it"?
     We should avoid abrasiveness and rudeness in our dealings with other human beings.  We should try to build on areas of possible reconciliation rather than dwell on areas of disagreement.  We cannot always agree with other people.  But we have to maintain civility in our disagreements.  Insulting and questioning the motives of others  never solve problems.
     When other people have grievances  against each other, it is incumbent upon us not to inflame the fires of discord.  Don't throw fuel on the fire by goading people and by making them feel even angrier.  Try to calm them down.  Try to get them to see the other person's point of view.  There are very few situations in which one person is 100% in the right and the other person is 100% in the wrong.  Emphasize points of agreement rather than points of disagreement.  The commandment emphasizes that it is not enough just to "seek peace," but also to "pursue peace." 
     The Mishnah tells us that Moses' brother, Aaron, had a reputation for loving and pursuing peace.  What was Aaron's way of reconciling people who had quarreled?  To each he would go and say, "Your friend feels terrible over your quarrel and wants only to accept the blame for the dispute."  Thus, when the two met, they would embrace and make peace.  He would do the same when there was a dispute between husband and wife.  For this reason, Numbers 20.29 says that when he died, "All the house of Israel wept for Aaron."  Everyone wept for him because he was the great peacemaker.  when Moses died, Deuteronomy 34.8 tells us, "The sons of Israel wept for Moses."  Only the men wept for Moses.  Everybody wept for Aaron.
     Everybody loves and appreciates the peacemaker.


 President Lily Ann Revitch  

Dear friends,

This is not a message but a REPORT on the progress of the building at 4023 Belle Terre.

Our Contractor Bobby McClenny has been working very diligently to prepare the building for future remodel. He has been working with the architect as well as Horry County. Horry County is backlogged after the year end holidays. We still hope to get our building permit in the next two weeks. As you can imagine no work can be done until that time.

To date, all of the walls & ceiling & floors have been stripped. So right now it is a big empty space. We will have a nice size room to the left as you enter. This will be a library / boardroom. This space can be used for classroom, small meetings & adult education. Beyond the Board room there is a separate space, this room will be storage for extra tables & shelving for goods etc. The main room will be the Sanctuary at the front & the Social Room to the rear. We will have three washrooms. The one door to the kitchen area will be walled in leaving the entrance to the kitchen space on the side leading into the social hall. The kitchen will not be finished at the time of occupancy as the cost is beyond the scope of our financial capability at this time but certainly will be a future project. The county requires an extensive ventilating system which can be done at a later time.

The back yard will be a parking lot with 42 spaces. In front of the building there will be 5 parking spaces.

The front will have two new doors & the ground in front of the building will be raised to meet Horry County handicap regulations. The poles will be boxed in to improve the ambiance of the entrance. I hope this report gives you a better idea of what is happening with our future home. We will also have many opportunities to dedicate different parts of The Temple as our need is great and your consideration will be most welcome.