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Passover Seder 2018 Flyer

Friday night Shabbat services start 7:30 PM               followed by an Oneg                                                   Saturday services start 10:30 AM

Services held at Temple Shalom                                   4023 Belle Terre Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC  29579                             843-903-6634

Temple Rabbi David Weissman

Temple President Lily Ann Revitch


In observing the holiday of Passover, we are instructed in the traditional  Haggadah that every Jew is to feel that he/she was personally liberated from Egyptian slavery.  We are each commanded to think of ourselves as having been slaves in Egypt.  It was we who were whipped by our Egyptian taskmasters.  It was our tears that were mixed with the mortar.  It was our backs that were bent from serving as slaves in Egypt.  It wasn’t some ancient people who were placed under the burden of Egyptian slavery.  We were the ones who suffered the burdens of slavery.    

     This command has great relevance to our daily lives.  It stresses the importance of placing ourselves in someone else’s shoes.  It stresses the importance of developing one of the most important qualities for compassionate living – the ability to put ourselves in the place of another human being.  We need to have a sympathetic imagination that enables us to get under another human being’s skin.  The Talmudic rabbis instructed us not to judge our fellow human being until we are in his place.  

     Empathy is a very praiseworthy human characteristic.  

     Perhaps we would all be more charitable if we were able experience what it’s like to go to bed hungry at night or to be a homeless person living on the streets.  Perhaps hospital patients would get more thoughtful treatment if their doctors had to spend one week a year in a hospital bed.  And maybe patients would be more understanding of their doctors if they could follow them on their daily rounds.  And maybe we would all visit people we know in assisted living facilities or nursing homes if we could understand how much a visit can relieve the burden of loneliness  and a sense of being unwanted.   

     Victoria Farnsworth wrote, “Not until I became a mother did I understand how much my mother had sacrificed for me; not until I became a mother did I feel how hurt my mother was when I disobeyed; not until I became a mother did I know how proud my mother was when I achieved; not until I became a mother did I realize how much my mother loves me.”    

     Sometimes we feel we have scored a triumph over another person, and we gloat in self-congratulation, “Boy, did I put him in his place.”  But perhaps there is something far more praiseworthy than putting another person in his place and that is putting YOURSELF IN HIS PLACE.


Rabbi David Weissman



The Board of Directors held the February meeting on the 21st this is the month that we need a nominating chair. I thank Bobbie Guseman for taking on this task. Our Annual Congregational Meeting will be held in late May or early June . Notices will be forthcoming.  This year we have several opening on the board and the Temple needs YOU .

The positions that have to be filled are: Vice President, Treasurer, and four or more Members at Large.  The number of members that can serve on the board is a minimum of nine and a maximum of fifteen.  It is the members of the board that set the tone for the Temple. I want to thank Mary Lehmam who at the Town Hall  Breakfast  indicated that she would be happy to serve as Secretary. This position had been open for several months, As president, I made the appointment for Mary to take over that office for a two year term.

The Board also unanimously passed  a motion that the Board should meet once each quarter on a Sunday morning. The Temple fiscal year starts in July. Our first meeting will be in July, followed by  October, January,  April.  The annual congregational meeting will be scheduled for May or June at the board’s discretion.  If there is a need we can call a special board meeting.

It is the board’s hope that this will make it easier for you to serve on the Board. Your involvement is important and needed.

I want to thank our sisterhood and especially Laurie Ward (Sisterhood President) for a great year so far. The Havdalah Cafe was a wonderful evening with a great turnout. All of sisterhood has pulled together to make it a success.

Purim is on the 28th of February. Come and celebrate  and enjoy a pot luck supper. Please remember to bring something to share-dairy dishes  only.  Please make your reservation for Passover, Friday, March 30th. Your check is your reservation.

Lily Ann Revitch