2016 High Holiday Schedule

Friday night Shabbat services start 7:30 PM               followed by an Oneg                                                   Saturday services start 10:30 AM

Services held at Temple Shalom                                   4023 Belle Terre Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC  29579                             843-903-6634

Temple Rabbi David Weissman

Temple President Lily Ann Revitch


Some of us in Temple Shalom did not have much of a Jewish upbringing and therefore have a very limited knowledge of Jewish practices and beliefs.  Others came from fairly observant Jewish homes and may even have attended religious school and had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but then drifted away and have forgotten a lot of what they used to know.  Some attended religious school and didn’t pay much attention or, since their Jewish education ended at the age of thirteen, were left with a thirteen year old’s concept of Judaism.  Others have a fairly good understanding of Judaism, but there are gaps in what they know about Judaism and they would like to learn more.

This year’s Adult Education program will be entitled Judaism in a Nutshell and will be devoted to exploring all aspects of Judaism.  The specific topics to be discussed can be found elsewhere in this temple bulletin.  Someone without much prior knowledge who attends all of the classes will wind up with a basic understanding of what Judaism is all about.  Someone who knows about Judaism but would like to expand his/her knowledge or explore various aspects of Judaism in more detail will be provided with this opportunity.  There will be ample time devoted to questions, discussion and the presentation of differing views.

The classes will be held from 7:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. on Wednesday evenings beginning on November 2.  No advance registration is required and there is no fee.  The classes will be held once or twice a month, depending on the level of interest.  If more than ten people show up for the first session on November 2, then a second class will be held in November.  If fewer than ten show up, then the next class will be held in December.  If more than ten show up for the December class, then a second class will be held in December and so on.

If you are serious about obtaining an understanding of Judaism, then you have to try to attend all the classes.  You won’t get much out of the program if you just attend one or two classes.

For most Jews outside of the Orthodox community, Judaism is  like a buffet restaurant.  There are many things it has to offer, but it is difficult to partake of everything it has to offer.  This program will expose you to the various dimensions of Judaism.  By just investing a couple of hours a month of your time, you can learn what Judaism is all about.  Judaism can completely transform your life into a much more meaningful existence.  You just have to give it a chance.

Mary and I wish you a happy and healthy 5777.  L’shana tova.

Rabbi David Weissman



Dear Temple Shalom Members & Friends,

L’Shana Tova 5777
To each of you I wish you a healthy and happy new year.
This is the second High Holy days that we will celebrate in our own building. This to me is amazing, I remember very well standing before you when we held services at the Episcopal church in downtown Myr-tle Beach over ten years ago and said, it might take us ten years to have our own place . Low and behold that was how long it did take.
I am proud of each one of you that has continually supported Temple Shalom. And just as equally as happy with every new member that walks through our doors. Each one of our members does their up-most to make every visitor and guest welcome.
We have been blessed with to have Rabbi David Weissman as our spiritual for the past eight years, and we wish him continued good health and pray that his strength and capability will continue for many years.
Once again this is the time of year that I make that appeal to each of you. Last year we were given such wonderful gifts one the loan to purchase our own building and the other of being named in Eva Katz will. I ask each of you to consider what you can do to help our Temple to continue to be the vibrant welcoming congregation we have been since 2005 May it be our effort and God's will that we will serve this community for many more years to come.
Ze'ev and I wish each of you and your family's L’Shana Tova and may you be inscribed in the book of life.

Lily Ann Revitch                                                                                                                                                President